Earth's Most Ancient Tribal Tattoos

The Original Tribal Tattoo Designs

FLASH PORTFOLIO by Phoenix & Arabeth

"Poke your Roots!"
A huge array of primitive tribal art.

After 30 years of research, Phoenix & Arabeth amassed a
global palette of ancient tattoo designs, preserved over the
eons in rock-art renderings across the planet.

The historic multi-cultural patterns are organized by region to
correspond with any individual's ethnic heritage. When released
in 2004 this set sold for $125 each. (It Sold Out in 2005)

CLASSIC FLASH SIZE - 11" x 14" - (prints out on ledger-size paper)

(some example sheets below, all are 11" x 14")

Eight (8) FLASH sheets + historical essay, 13 pp eFlash Portfolio
Includes: Hawaii/Pacific, Europe, North America 1, China,
Scandinavia, Africa, Northern Asia, and North America 2

Don't let tattoo history be a thing of the past.
Make money with your ancient art today

ROCK ART of the WORLD - The Original Tribal Tattoo Designs
Mani Editions eFlash is Available instantly :-)

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What They Say About PHOENIX & ARABETH
(Mostly quotes from Famous Folks)

This is wonderful art. We love your work.
---Filip & Titine Leu, Leu Family Iron, Switzerland

Excellent work, and well researched.
---Guy Aicheson

Great, really great! This work is beautiful.
---Leo Zulueta, Black Wave Tattoo, L.A.

Nice. Real nice. Wow. Beautiful drawings, man.
---Tin-Tin, Paris, France

I haven't bought flash in 10 years. But I want yours.
---Kelly Miller, Shadowbrite, Reno & Salt Lake City

Killer stuff! Thank you for the 'glow.'
---Ray Pearson, Association of Professional Tattooists

I know a good deal when I see one!
---Jack Rudy, Good Time Charlie's Tattooland, So. California

Great designs. I'll take one!
---Paul Booth, Last Rites Tattoo, New York

These are amazing, inspiring images!
---Chuck Eldridge, Tattoo Archives, Berkeley

Great art!
---Bill Salmon, Diamond Club, San Francisco

What clean line work. These drawings are SO tattooable!
---Rob, Tabu Tattoo, Venice, CA

I love your art. It has been very useful to enhance these
'rites of passage' for the women as well as the men I tattoo.
Thank you for your wonderful work.

---Alexandria DeVoe, tattoo artist, Houston

Real nice sweet style.
---Rob Koss, Guilty & Innocent Productions, Chicago

Pretty cool work.
---Carl Hesse, World Famous Tattoo Studio, Perkasie, PA

Great work! I gotta have it.
---Gil Montie, Tattoo Mania, Hollywood

Where have I seen this neat drawing before?
Oh, that's right I have her inked here on my arm!

---Eric Darshan Waters, tattoo artist, Hawaii

Kick-ass art!
---Ed Knolte, Van Go Tattoo, San Francisco

---H. Panky, Esq., Amsterdam Tattoo Museum & Library

Real fine art.
---Lyle Tuttle, Tattoo Museum, San Francisco


"We are releasing this flash
in downloadable e-format.

For a very limited time only
It is a huge experiment,
and we can't promise it will still be available
if you return to this site at a later date.

--- Phoenix & Arabeth

$20.00 (USD)

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Phoenix & Arabeth are best known as the originators of the Tribal Pin-up as exemplified in their 'Body Designs' series of books. And also for the art and research in the Tribal Bible books (an on-going project). Their various sets of Flash Designs were snapped up by savvy tattoo artists and have all sold out long ago. 'Amrita Pictures Studio' is Phoenix & Arabeth's latest adventure.