("108 Reason" -- the real Arabeth, 2000-2012)

About 1972, as I was beginning to develop a personal approach to art, and felt a significant spiritual need to create more of it, I began using the name "Phoenix & Arabeth". This nome de plume --- pen (and brush) name --- has always had a symbolic function indicative of the duality of nature, the yin and yang, the dark and the light, the right and left side of the human brain.

Arabeth specifically symbolizes "the other," as I very early on realized that there were virtually always other factors and forces beyond my control involved in the creative process of this work. In other words, Arabeth could mean anything and everything that was/is not me in the art: canvas, energy, inspiration, model(s), Muse.

Fortunately, at certain special times a very real Arabeth has blessed my life and work ("in-the-flesh") in the form of a specific woman who greatly inspired and usually modeled and/or danced for the benefit of this art.

Arabeth currently manifests as a beautiful, energetic, athletic and magical dancer, singer, percussionist, surfer who provides emotional and spiritual inspiration in abundance. She is my primary model; on rare occasions she actually paints with me also. Arabeth has no tattoos but does enjoys henna mehndi body art. We find sharing time together in the bosom of Mother Nature to be very nurturing to the soul, and a wonderful stimulous to our shared creativity.

--- Phoenix, 29 August 2012

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